Lesstif Installation Notes

Lesstif is a free toolkit for building X Windows GUI applications --- it is a clone of the commercially available Motif toolkit. Lesstif may be obtained at:


Versions 0.86 and later of the Lesstif libraries have been tested and found to work. See the README file or the xyplot revisions page for the recommended version for the current release. The Lesstif libraries are available in .tar.gz and RPM formats and you must first install one of these packages on your system if Lesstif is not already present. We recommend that you download the RPM versions of the libraries as these are easier to install.

You must download both the library and the development packages. For example, at the time of this writing, the following RPM files were available:


The two packages can be installed with the following commands:

rpm -ivh lesstif-0.93.12-1.i386.rpm

rpm -ivh lesstif-devel-0.93.12-1.i386.rpm

Note that you must be logged in as root in order to install the packages. We also recommend that you perform the following to make a link to the lesstif header files directory so that the GNU compilers can find these files during the xyplot build:

cd /usr/include

ln -sf ../X11R6/include/Xm Xm

This completes the installation of the required Lesstif packages on typical RedHat Linux systems.

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