Add-on Modules

The following modules may be used with XYPLOT version 2.4.x. Modules for earlier versions of XYPLOT may be obtained from See the user's guide section on installing modules.

xyplot.4thXYPLOT Interface
xutils.4thUtility Words
grace.4thExport/Import graphs to/from Grace graphing program
template.4th Make Dataset and Plot of the Function y = x
smooth.4thMath Menu Smooth Function ( screen shot)
lpf.4thMath Menu Low-Pass Filter Function
abs.4thMath Menu Magnitude Function
arithmetic.4thMath Menu Dataset Arithmetic Functions (screen shot)
xyhistogram.4thMath Menu Histogram Function
xypolyfit.4thMath Menu Polynomial Fitting Function
xybaseline.4thPolynomial Baseline Subtraction
autocorr.4thAutocorrelation Function
ylog.4thMath Menu Log Function
xyderiv.4thMath Menu Derivative Function (screen shot)
peak_search.4thPeak Finder
xypeaks.4thMath Menu Find Peaks Function ( screen shot)
swap-xy.4th Swap the x and y Values of a Dataset
yn_vs_ym.4th Make Dataset From y Values of One Set vs y Value of Another Set.
xysort.4th Ascending Sort of x,y Dataset by x
xymap.4thMath Menu Map Functions
anim1.4thAnimation Example: Wavepacket Propagation
anim2.4thAnimation Example: Evolution of Points Under a Henon Map
anim3.4thAnimation Example: Cube Rotating in 3D
double-well.4th Animation Example: Particle in a Superposition State in a Double-Well Potential
double-well-driven.4th Animation Example: Particle Driven at a Resonance Frequency Within a Double-Well Potential