XYPLOT is a plotting and data analysis program for use by students, teachers, scientists, and engineers. It displays the results from your experiments or calculations in an interactive graphical environment. Fast plotting and a myriad of data manipulation and analysis features make XYPLOT an invaluable tool for visualizing and working with data. Under the Linux operating system, XYPLOT may also be used as a graphical environment for custom data acquisition applications and for performing animated plot displays.


XYPLOT 2.1.x for Linux

Screen Shot

XYPLOT 2.1.x for Mac OS X on PowerPC

New! Provides same features as the Linux version (see above).

XYPLOT 1.1.3 for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP

Screen Shot

XYPLOT 4.1 for DOS

Screen Shot

System Requirements

Linux Version

Windows Version

DOS Version