Aruna-1 Spectrometer

The Aruna-1 portable hand-held spectrometer.

Disclaimer: The information on these pages is provided with the intent that it will be useful for educators, students, and anyone with a curiosity in observing the nature of light from various sources. We attempt to provide accurate information for building and using the spectrometer described here. However, such activities always carry with them related safety issues, and, although we strive to identify any safety issues to the best of our knowledge, we make no guarantee of the completeness or accuracy for any of the information presented here. We assume no liability for personal injury or property damage or loss, resulting from use or misuse of the information provided here.

The spectrometer design is completely open, and provided under the CERN Open Hardware License. The instrument may be fabricated from parts commonly found in hardware and hobby stores. Estimated per unit materials cost is under 15 USD. On these pages, you will find detailed information needed to build and use the Aruna-1 spectrometer.

  1. Overview

  2. Basic Principles of Operation

  3. Spectrometer Design

  4. Spectrometer Specifications
    1. Drawings
    2. Parts List
    3. Drill Table

  5. Spectrometer Fabrication

  6. Spectrometer Assembly and Checkout

  7. Learning Activities

  8. Spectrometer Utilities